There has been much talk surrounding Arsene Wenger and his tenure, and whether he will leave Arsenal before his contract ends.

Possible managerial replacements have been bandied around the media and social media avenues, illustrious names hoped and wished for to take our club back to the zenith of the Premier League.

It’s clear that Arsene Wenger, while deserving of our respect, has reached the end of the road.

Whether the road ends at the end of this season or next is very much unknown.

So, what about if Arsene does see out his contract, like he has done every other one he has signed?

What about if he extends?

Is there anything that can be done that could remedy the malady that is Wenger’s weaknesses?

For the sake of conversation and nothing else, here’s a few options that could possibly add a salve and maybe even paper over what have tormented us over recent seasons:

A New Assistant

One thing is abundantly clear; Steve Bould is by far a better defender than he is an assistant. It is all hearsay regarding how much sway he has on proceedings in training, but on the sidelines, he is nothing more than a chewing statue. It pains me to say that as he is an Arsenal legend, but you have to separate the player from the role they are in now – just like our legends who dabble in punditry.

Arsene could really do with a sounding board to bounce his ideas off, or better still, have someone with enough nous and balls to let him know when he needs to address something. Who could fit that bill? Well, there’s a whole queue of former Arsenal players who are tooled up with modern day tactics, coaching badges and a voice that can reverse any dodgy potential decisions that Wenger makes. Keown, Parlour, Henry, Vieira, just a few that could give Wenger’s last year, or years, a boost they sorely need.

Listening to current staff

We went on a recruitment drive recently, and now we can boast some of the best in the business. Raul Sanllehi, Darren Burgess, Sven Mislintat, Huss Fahmy, Shad Forsythe and Jens Lehmann – all new blood with new ideas. Sven Mislintat especially could have a big impact on Wenger’s last moments at the club.

We are all painfully aware of the failure to be able to replace Gilberto, and that was over a decade ago. Since then we have had a succession of stand-ins, and none have come close. That is down in part to recruitment, and Sven is said to be an expert in talent spotting. Give the man a brief this summer and ask for a defensive bloody midfielder! Ask Steve Bould to teach our lads the basics of defending zonally! Use the skills we have to hand!

Monitor opponents

It has been said by more than one departed player, that Wenger fails to look at the opposition before we play them, preferring to concentrate on the merits of our own team instead. So convinced of our team’s attacking strength, Wenger feels that it doesn’t matter how the other team plays, because we can outscore them. He has often cited his lack of defensive work and his oversights in terms of scouting out opponents – this one is simple. Just look at our opponents! Just imagine what a difference it could make!

Of course, a tactical overhaul would be great too, but let’s not get our head stuck in the clouds…

The suggestions above are nothing more than ideas that would I think would go a fair way in redeeming what could be another painfully mediocre season for us under Wenger.

Can you think of any helpful tips should Wenger stay? Just leave a comment below!