Emery Sacked! Why Now And What Now?

The club could endure no more it seems. After another defeat and the seventh consecutive failure to win a game, it seems that the loss to Eintracht Frankfurt was the last straw for the now departed Arsenal Head Coach, Unai Emery. His tenure ended in strangely eerie circumstances. Ticket restrictions for home fans and a … Continue reading Emery Sacked! Why Now And What Now?

Football, Harmony – Mixing The Symphony

Football is emotive. It can drag you to the depths in an instant. It can have you soaring in a second. Music too has the ability to have your emotions on a string, a signature melody can be entwined with your heartstrings much like your team. It’s debilitating, it’s enriching, it’s how you’re wired – … Continue reading Football, Harmony – Mixing The Symphony