Arsenal have had some shocking kits in the recent past. But our recent away kit launch will no doubt swell the club coffers with its black and gold lovely-ness.

Some have been so bad that they became synonymous with negative results.

But some of our jerseys have been stupendous. Showcasing the Arsenal DNA in innovative ways but staying true to what makes the club stand out amongst its peers.

So, we want to know – what’s the best away kit in the last decade?

We’ve largely kept to our roots when it comes to our home kits. Some stand out a little higher (the first Adidas kit was a belter) but our home kit is hard to judge.

Away kits though?

Woof, we’ve had the entire gamut of terrible to memorable.

But where does this new shirt rank in our best away shirts of the last decade?

So here’s the Top5 away kits, judged by us here at Up The Arsenal. We want to know your thoughts though, comments below!

5 – 2017-18 Black and pink

This shirt wasn’t successful on the pitch, but it was one of the rare shirts from Puma that really did look decent. The contrast of black and pink was eye catching and certainly different. This shirt raises memories of Ozil and Giroud and above all, frustration. But at least we looked good.

4 – 2012-13 Purple and black stripes

This shirt shouldn’t have worked. Ask a percentage of fans and half will tell you it didn’t. But this jersey conjures up images of Santi Cazorla dancing wickedly around opponents and our football at least having a swagger. The colours weren’t Arsenal, but the shirt certainly caused a stir.

3 – 2019-20 – Bruised banana renaissance

Back when the original bruised banana shirt graced our presence, it wasn’t as liked as it is now. In the present day, it is held up as a way to instantly recognise our club. Adidas piggybacked on this and gave it a facelift with this away shirt – and it’s one of the best we’ve seen.

2 – 2022-23 – Black and gold

It’s not yellow, granted. But black and gold go together like cider and beer gardens, Tottenham and emptiness, Sanllehi and bloated contracts. It’s a gorgeous design that is going to boost our clubs income significantly. Everyone looks good in black, right?

1 – 2013-14 – Nike, yellow and blue

This shirt. Wow. The clean lines, the blue collar. It is everything needed from an Arsenal away shirt. It’s the best looking shirt, home or away, we’ve had in years. The new home shirt has brought the collar back, but this shirt brings back halcyon FA Cup memories. Of special players at their peak – Giroud, Ozil, Ramsey banging them in from all angles. This shirt will be remembered for years to come.

What do you think? Any others you think belong here? Let us know!