This site has been running for nearly a decade.

It’s covered the end of the trophy drought, the farewell to Arsene Wenger, the cameo of Unai Emery and the step-by-step rebuild of Mikel Arteta.

It’s seen players come and go, heroes, villains and fan favourites.

But it’s now time to hand over the reins.

I want to thank the dedicated thousands of followers who read this week in, week out. Your comments and generosity have been the foundation of the site. The aim when I started was to avoid the hyperbole and provide information that wasn’t founded on rumours. I hope I’ve at least managed to entertain a few.

This isn’t the end of Up The Arsenal though – I just need someone to take over.

So, if anyone wants a site that has a die-hard follower base with plenty of scope to grow further – plus a great set of links with other sites and aggregators – email me at

You’ll get the domain, logo, article history and a beginning that means you don’t have to start with zero readers.

Send me an email and grab this amazing site at a knockdown price.