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An ITK Play

Posted on Goonersphere

        Stage Curtains open

                    The Stage is pitch black

                    Suddenly, a sole spotlight beams on a lonely figure,

                    on their knees. This desperate looking figure arcs his

                    neck to the heavens, clad in his Arsenal jersey and

                    offers up an anguished prayer……

Gooner:         ” I can’t take any more!! The constant links to different players, the lying, the soulless accounts who plague every single social network! Oh Sky Sports News Ticker, I pray you hear my desolate wails! I offer my soul for some legitimate news!!”

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We Know Nothing. Transfer Madness Is Nearing…..

Originally featured on Goonersphere.

With Man United’s capture of the ridiculously named Memphis Depay before the end of the season escaping even the keenest of eyes in the media, one question remains – 

What else is going on that we aren’t aware of?


Already more than a few eyes have deviated from the ongoing seasons results and fixtures and have greedily settled upon the transfer window. It matters not to these click-baiting vultures that the season hasn’t ended. All that fills their mind is what player fits the bill so that they can splash their name in a gaudy manner across a page in order to garner more views. Edinson Cavani again? How’s about a Marco Reus? 

What United’s capture of the much-vaunted Depay should tell us is that we only ever know what the clubs WANT us to know. There was nothing in the back pages of the rags. There was zip in the usual avenues on the web. There was squat on Twitter. No-one knew that the Dutch starlet was Carrington-bound until United let out a few snippets.  Continue reading We Know Nothing. Transfer Madness Is Nearing…..