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The Rest of the Transfer Window and Arsenal….

Written by Benjamin Dungate


What to make of Arsenal’s transfer activity. What there is of it.

The signs are not promising. The usual noises are coming out of the club. Talk of “spending big if the right player is available.” We have heard it all before.

The mention of having already spent big is concerning though. Yes, by any measure of normality the club has spent big. But in today’s inflated lunacy £30M is nothing. That gets you a good player that is unproven in the league.

Ivan Gazidis’s recent comments regarding our limited efforts in the window thus far were not exactly lapped up by Gooners, and the Arsenal Chief Executive attempting to downplay the importance of signing players or spending money was a rare faux pas from someone who is normally well spoken and practiced when speaking to the media.

Arsene Wenger the next day though, attempted to pour water on the blaze caused by Gazidis, placing emphasis on Arsenal’s continuous efforts in the market. It was quite bullish, and means there may just be a ray of optimism to latch onto.

So this talk of coughing up if the right player is there is rubbish. Gonzalo Higuain was available. Yes £94M is a ridiculous amount and clearly far too much for anyone, let alone a 28 year old but that is the market at the moment.

Alexandre Lacazette is also available and no less proven in the hustle and bustle of the Premier League than Higuain but at 25 at least he has time on his side. His market value is £48M. Once again, a hefty gamble.

Edinson Cavani is probably available but God only knows how much he would cost.

So who are you left with? Part-exing Olivier Giroud in any deal is totally unacceptable. Only a fool would use a proven, if unprolific, striker as a make-weight when buying in someone knew who is no more likely to succeed.

There is obvious clamour for the club to blow everything on Romelu Lukaku but I am not so sure on him either. He was good last season but his showing for Belgium in the Euros, particularly against Italy, highlighted how far he still has to go to reach his ceiling.

Obviously a young strikers ability should not be judged solely on one game against an Italian 3 man defence but neither should it be viewed on how he performed against a Republic Of Ireland team who were on the whole, poor.

In the end I find myself having some sympathy with Arsene Wenger. He is dammed if he doesn’t and dammed if he does and it goes wrong.

I would love to see Lacazette or Higuain come in but not at the expense of Giroud. His link-up play is second to none and his is dominant in the air. I think the key to it is not smashing £50M because the fans demand it, but in maybe modifying our formation and tactics to use more efficiently what we already have.

As gauling as it is, I think we will be left aghast on August 31st that the club once again failed to adequately recruit.

Transfer Options – Strikers

Arsenal have had in the past, players who excelled in the art of plundering goals. Men who fitted seamlessly into the respective system at the time and  – all importantly – could be relied upon to make the difference in the tightest of matches.
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Barcelona Vs Arsenal – Mission Improbable – Match Preview

Before today’s match and in the aftermath of the Gunners FA Cup exit at the hands of Watford, under fire Arsenal Boss Arsene Wenger stated that he wanted his team to ‘make the impossible possible’ at the Camp Nou in this Champions League Last 16 2nd Leg.

To summarise, Arsenal lost the first leg at home 2-0, and face the European Cup holders who are in sumptuous form – conceding just two, and scoring nineteen in their last five fixtures – winning them all.

Arsenal go into this game in the worst run of form for years, just three wins in the last eleven fixtures and producing some displays which have been the polar opposite of the swashbuckling football which the Arsenal name is synonymous with.


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January Signings To Make Instant Impact?

There were more than a few signings in the as always overhyped transfer window last month. The headline grabber was the much-vaunted move of Pep Guardiola to Manchester City in the summer, but what of the many strikers who joined their respective clubs? Will the monetary gamble made by clubs be paid off with a return of goals?

So much rides on a good start and this weekend represents the starting pistol for many of the players who recently joined a new club in the Premier League. Confidence is a huge thing for a player, especially those whose main trade is hunting goals, so can these newbies make the perfect start, get their fans behind them and get on the scoresheet?

Well, TitanBet has had a look and delivered their verdict –


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The Olivier Giroud Sandwich

Your stomach voices its displeasure at the current barren nature of its contents. The waves of hunger shudder through you and coax you into a restaurant which offers a plethora of sandwich options and an inviting aroma which only exacerbates your yearning for food.

You approach the counter and ingredients meet your wanting gaze. Spices, meats, spiced meats, crisp greens, ripe tomatoes – your stomach only serves to dizzy your clarity when looking upon your choices.

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Welbeck – A Fleeting Purchase?

The acquisition of Danny Welbeck brought with it a heady mix of emotions.With expectation running high following a spending splurge pre-season and our first choice striker Giroud crocked – Gooners expected a flagship signing to fill an Olivier shaped hole in our team. Many names were bandied around, with Edinson Cavani the most ludicrous. The late signing of Welbeck was a fillip but didn’t have a brass band nor a ticker-tape parade.

The much maligned Danny Welbeck was further derided by a portion of Arsenal fans as he was perceived to be below the class that is expected for Arsenal. Spending what little time on the pitch he had on the wing, Welbeck was offered a chance to rescue a promising career that threatened to be dwarved by a lack of appearances.

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Giroud and Sliding Doors….

Set your mind back to the glorious win Vs Aston Villa. It’s far easier to do than to reminisce on a defeat. The haze of a convincing triumph adds a layer of protective varnish on memories, making them far easier to recall. This particular 3pts was a virtual highlights reel for our attacking players, with runs and slide-rule passes aplenty. Have I set the tone sufficiently?

Despite Hector Bellerin scoring his 1st professional goal and Theo finishing with aplomb, the main vision that floods back is Mesut Ozil’s lackadaisical backheel through ball that sent Giroud on his way for the first goal.

Ozil assist

It was a beautiful sight that got better with slow-motion and repeated viewings. It encapsulated everything Mesut Ozil represents. I’ve got so carried away just thinking about it that I’ve missed my point entirely. I was at the game and such was the perfection of the pass from Ozil, that Giroud had nearly half a pitch to run before approaching the box. He did so whilst under the attention of two Villa men as well. Continue reading Giroud and Sliding Doors….