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The Ties That Bind Us

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The once vibrant setting had lost its colour, and now the stark greys dominated his eyeline. Listless noises filtered to his ears, but he paid no heed.

Hands stuffed in pockets to shield from the unforgiving wind that buffeted around his surroundings, his body language was not solely due to the harsh weather though.

He had been warned by his friends that this was a destructive relationship, that it had been doomed for years. Blindness goes hand in hand gleefully with love though, and he had blundered on, ignorant of the perilous path he was taking.

He had invested his life into this hazardous duopoly, and the scars had begun to show. The hurt that currently enveloped him had transformed recently from the all-encompassing misery of years gone by, into something akin to the numbness you receive at the dentist. 

Were they aware of the pain they had caused? Why did he continue to plough on when on the horizon was the very real threat of sorrow? 

He lifted his head and sighed. 

It hadn’t been all bad. The very nature of his bind was down to the memories which he clasped to him. The adoration he exuded toward his beloved had bloomed in the perfect storm. Technicolour snapshots of happier times was the matinee which played through his mind when his brain sought escapism, and it normally was the ideal medicine which he was always keen to sup from.

Right now though, in the aftermath of another blowup, another stumble in the relationship, the montage of bliss did nothing to avert his mind from the darkest of clouds which would soon overrule all in his mind. 

The rocky terrain which his faith in their liaison now sat on was down to the series of moments his partner had disappointed him. They say it is the hope that kills you, and he had hoped it would change, but the destructive behavioural pattern had shown no sign of changing, until recently.

He had puffed his chest out and goaded the very friends who had denounced his affections. A few weeks ago, the relationship had been in the rudest of health. It appeared to the majority, even his doubting pals, that the habitual mistakes that had blighted their friends partner had been erased. 

That seemed so long ago as he stood in the same spot he had done for the past half an hour. He had ruminated on every second of the latest calamity, and as painful as it was, it had also served as an awakening. 

The fact that he would go into work and be the butt of the jokes, and be castigated for never learning, and how every weekend carried the ominous threat of ruination. It was the epitome of being a supporter.

The very word means ‘to support.’ Through the good times he had enjoyed, it was easy to declare your love for your chosen team. It was in recent years though, that had defined exactly what it meant to be a fan, a Gooner. If he even entertained the idea of cutting the ties which linked him and the club every time they struggled, then the ties weren’t strong enough to begin with.

He had angry thoughts and things he would like to change about the dynamic of the team, but he would never, ever stop supporting the club. 

They may be the root cause of many a lost weekend, arguments and pain, but when you choose a club, it is for life. There are some who wish ill on the very club they claim they support, but isn’t that an oxymoron, he pondered?

He could never even begin to think of hoping for a bad result, it just didn’t fit. He would go on and continue in the same vein of the last twenty or so years. He would look forward to next week and a victory.

A lady in a hi-viz jacket approached him, and said that the stadium was closing. He nodded and made his way down the concrete stairs. 

Next week may conceal another bout of anguish, but it also held the very tangible possibility of redemption, and the moment the ball hits the net from an Arsenal player – those seconds that your stomach lurches into your throat and you lose all sensibilities as you bounce around like a loon – were what makes these instances of gloom worth it.

He left the stadium with a little bit of hope again. 

Bournemouth 3-3 Arsenal – 5 Key Points From The Game


Take a deep breath, there was a lot to take in and digest.

Bournemouth, for sixty five minutes, were the better side, and will feel hard done by after decimating the Gunners for the majority of the game. Forget the three goals they scored, they should have scored about five. 

The decision to bring back Shkodran Mustafi in place of the improved Gabriel did not pay off, as Cherries striker Calum Wilson and Josh King both terrorised the Gunners backline and made them look foolish at times. The usual fare of sensible defending went out of the window as even ushering the ball out of play seemed beyond us at times. 

It was flabbergasting, Arsenal were unable to build the basic foundation to attack. Bournemouth got the goal their play deserved, as Charlie Daniels took advantage of a hesitant Bellerin and cut inside the dithering Spaniard before dispatching past Petr Cech.

Five minutes later, Eddie Howe’s side were in dreamland. 

Granit Xhaka planted his arm on a Bournemouth player and applied weight. Whatever the standard of foul, it was still an effort made to hinder. It was a penalty. Naive from the Swiss midfielder, but Calum Wilson didn’t mind. He put the spot kick straight down the middle to score his second penalty against Arsenal in two games.

The rest of the first half was a mixture of tepid Gunners possession and Bournemouth looking dangerous.Francis Coquelin went off injured, and was replaced by Oxlade-Chamberlain, and he took the right hand side spot that Ramsey had, as the Welshman reverted back to central midfield.

 It was a small mercy when referee Michael Oliver blew for half time.

The second half began with at least a little intent from Arsenal. We probed and passed, with Alexis dropping deeper and deeper as his frustration grew. Then, a hammer blow.

Ryan Fraser was set free to take on Hector Bellerin in a foot race. It was pretty even to e fair to Fraser, but Hector edged it. He then was shoved in the back in similar style to when Xhaka gave the penalty away, but Oliver did not blow his whistle. The game carried on, as did Fraser, who slotted it through a prone Petr Cech to put Bournemouth three goals up.

It was perhaps the most demoralising showing for quite some time. Was it down to Arsenal playing poorly? Partly, but Eddie Howe deserves enormous credit. They did not stop.

Then, a lifeline, which was barely deserved. The Ox put a cross in and Giroud, under intense pressure, managed to flick the ball with the back of his head. The ball fell to Alexis at the back stick who dived in to head into the net.

With twenty minutes to go, Arsenal needed another two to salvage a point. They needed only five to grab another. 

Lucas had come on only minutes before for Alex Iwobi, and he took advantage of a smart flick from Giroud to swivel and plant a volley into the far corner. A great goal, and with fifteen minutes to go, the Gunners could see light at the end of the tunnel.

Then, another turning point. Simon Francis was red carded for a foul on Aaron Ramsey, and hope became ever more tangible.

Then, on the ninetieth minute, it was man of the hour Olivier Giroud again. He finally won a header in a congested box, and the ball found the far corner. 


His scorpion celebration was as good as his goal. 

This is a much summarised version of events, but here are five key points that arose from the match:

Play with intent, win the game

We played on the front foot for the last twenty minutes. We scored our three goals in that time. When we have played in this manner, utilising our speed of thought, we have usually gone home with the points. Why can’t we do this every game? WHY????

Third away game without a win

Our losses to Everton, City and now this lucky draw represent one point from nine in away games. Not good enough. With six teams vying for the top four, and the title disappearing into the distance, this is not up to standard. Must do better.

Ramsey’s first game back, cut him some slack

It was Rambo’s first start since November and he was wide on the right for the first half. At times he was the only one who looked like he was making any effort. He never shied away from possession, and always tried to make things happen. He deserves credit rather than lambasting for the things that didn’t work.

Bellerin had a mare

Only two days ago, I tweeted that I thought Bellerin was the Premiership’s best full-back. Oh how my mouth loves to make me seem a fool. This was his worst game since his debut versus Dortmund where he was given a baptism of fire and some marshmallows after being roasted. He looked switched off, and appeared powerless in the face of shoulder barges and the usual physical fare dished up on a weekly basis. The boy is good, but he can’t rest on his laurels.

The fightback showed great spirit

We played badly. All Gooners will be sadly familiar with this blip. The twenty minutes where we staged our fightback was powerful stuff though. Whilst this ensued, thoughts ranged from “Why couldn’t we have done this earlier?” to “wow, come on you Arsenal!!!” It was inspired, but needless. It should never have got to that stage.
There was much more to write about. Mustafi was pure awful at times and Gabriel deserved to keep his place on form. Bournemouth probably deserved the points as for sixty minutes, their press and their drive were unrivalled. 

Olivier Giroud also deserves a special mention. Yet again, he rose to the top like Gallic creme as he set up first Alexis, then Lucas, and then scored the equaliser. Cometh the hour, cometh the fantastically bearded man. When he goes through his next dry spell, hark back to this moment when we can try to remember how useful he really is. 
Lastly, Petr cech must step up. He was great against Palace, but it looked like he couldn’t stop anything in this game.

This hasn’t been the most coherent of blogs, but it was written in the style of the game. Frenetic, crazy and rammed full of points. 

Manchester United 1-1 Arsenal – 5 Key Points From The Game

Much like last season, United were there for the taking.

Thankfully though, the result didn’t correlate too, as supersub Olivier Giroud thumped in an equaliser to cancel out Juan Mata’s great finish. 

The team selection carried a couple of surprises, as Aaron Ramsey was brought into the side on the left of attack, and Mohamed Elneny was given a start alongside Francis Coquelin, with Granit Xhaka on the bench. The rest of the side picked itself, aside from Hector Bellerin. The Spaniard has been ruled out for a month at least with an ankle problem picked up in the North London derby, and this gave Carl Jenkinson his first Premier League start in a Gunners jersey since May 2014.

Perhaps surprisingly, Jose Mourinho opted to leave Captain Elbows (Marouane Fellaini) out of the side, and opted instead for finesse, with Ander Herrera getting the nod. Wayne Rooney was left on the bench, with Marcus Rashford hoping to do as well as his Premier League debut last season, when he bagged a brace in the 3-2 win.

The first half was a cagey affair, but there were chances. Alexis Sanchez should have done much better with a header in the box, which he screwed horribly wide. United were not to be undone though, as they tested Cech on a couple of occasions, which the Czech dealt with well. It was a see-saw half, but the 0-0 scoreline at half time was probably fair.

There was a flashpoint in the first 45 though. Nacho Monreal and Antonio Valencia were shoulder-to shoulder going for a ball in the Arsenal box, and Valencia fell to thr ground. Replays show that Nacho’s arm was across Valencia – but since when did that constitute a spot kick? Mourinho was apopleptic with rage at the ignorance from Andre Marriner, but it was never a penalty. 

The second half was a different affair entirely, as United stepped up their pressing, and it paid dividends. The Gunners struggled to exit their own half with Elneny and Coquelin run ragged as they tried to deal with the runs of Herrera, Mata, Rashford and Pogba. On a sidenote, Herrera really has a flair for the flamboyant, there were at least three occasions where he went to ground as if he had taken a shotgun shell to the abdomen, but the contact was little – or none. Something to watch out for in the future. 

The weight of pressure finally told, as Nacho – who had been given the biggest workload by the errant Ramsey – failed to go with his runner, and Herrera cut a ball into the box which Mata expertly met with a first time finish. The Spaniard was unmarked as the defence were ballwatching, and the punishment was severe.

The last twenty minutes of the second half were similar to the first twenty, as United continued to press, but Arsene Wenger shuffled his pack and came up with a hand, as Olivier Giroud found the net from fellow substitute Oxlade-Chamberlain’s perfect cross from the right.

There was much more that occurred during the game, but here are 5 keypoints from the game that really stood out:

Giroud saves the day again – but he must stay as a Plan B

The bearded Olivier Giroud again saved the day with a goal when coming from the bench, just like against Sunderland, and his aerial prowess and linkup play really is an excellent answer to a defence which has our side nonplussed. He is garnering success as the swift change in attacking type is unsettling after facing a certain way for 70 minutes, then having to revert to another method to keep out the bothersome Giroud. The Frenchman will get his fair share of starts, but at this current time, we need to keep working on Sanchez up front, as the signs are that he could be dynamite.

Alexis is the way forward

Whenever we did threaten, it was via the Chilean. With his thigh heavily strapped, he could’ve shirked his duty, but he tracked back, and ploughed a lone furrow up front. Eventually through starvation, he dropped deeper and deeper to try and spark something. He proved a real test to the United defence, and that was all on his own. His goal record when playing up front is testament to what damage he can cause, and the more he plays there, the better he will be. He can undo teams by himself, and while he will have better days, he was still one of the few brighter players.

Ramsey must cement a fixed position

Aaron was our weak link in thi game, and there may be some fervent fans who will disagree, but it was crystal clear that out on the left was not the position to bring the best out of the Welshman. To be honest though, he did himself no favours. He is always full of effort and running, but his positioning was a liability which United nearly exploited – and should’ve done. The reason Antonio Valencia was awarded the MOTM award was because he was afforded the whole of the wing by the absence of Ramsey. This left Nacho double-teamed and undermanned. Ramsey has talent, we know this, but a vague sense of where he plays – and a tendency to be shrugged from the ball too easily – may cost him. This game was one to forget for Rambo.

Jenkinson must take his chance – and it was a good start

Considering it was his first Premiership start for Arsenal since 2014, Jenkinson performed well. He was forced to deal with a lively Marcus Rashford for the majority, and he snuffed out the majority of the threat. He didn’t quite offer the outlet we are used to with Bellerin in the side, but that is to be expected. Plus, this wasn’t the game for rampaging full-backs. It was a solid start from Carl, and he will get the run in the side he craves with Bellerin out for a month. Let’s hope he continues to do well.

Arsenal tactics were wrong

We don’t often see our team play full pelt and truly put our talent on show. When we play our passes at breakneck speed and the runs from each player are unpredictable and frequent. When we do, the results always go in our favour. All teams in the League, with perhaps the exception of City and Chelsea, are not on our technical level, and would not be able to cope with what we are capable of. What is the usual far is we wait and react to our opponents. We are simply reactionary. It is ponderous and frustrating, as it is akin to seeing Max Whitlock playing hopscotch. We should be doing more, especially in this game – and come to mention it, last seasons 3-2 loss was very similar. Mourinho had PHIL JONES and MARCUS ROJO in the centre of defence. All we had to do was attack them, and they would inevitably crumble, but instead we gave them the initiative time and time again. I know it is November, but we are far better than this!!!

There were other highlights that missed the cut, such as Shkodran Mustafi pretty much snuffing out every cross from Antonio Valencia – and there was many -like Oxlade-Chamberlain finally showing he has an excellent end product, and Cech giving us that edge of top class experience he has which made a hige difference. 

It was a point gained after an ungainly performance, but we are still unbeaten since the opening day. We may have lost some initiative, but we showed a fair amount of bottle. We can turn this around, but the next game in PSG, which is no cakewalk. 

Keep working and keep the belief. November was never going to be pretty. 

Arsenal 1-1 tottenham – 5 Keypoints From the Match

Another chance to climb to the top of the table went begging, as Arsenal and their neighbours shared the spoils in a vibrant derby.

The Gunners could have been home and dry by the half time whistle, but a mixture of profligate finishing, the woodwork and some cynical fouling from spurs meant that the home side went into the half time break with a one goal lead, thanks to a Kevin Wimmer own goal.

The second half was a vastly different affair, and the pace and pressing from Arsenal virtually disappeared, with tottenham allowed to make all the running. This conspired to give them an equaliser, in the form of a penalty thanks to Laurent Koscielny’s depserate challenge on the onrushing Dembele. Harry Kane, in his first game back from his layoff, put the spot kick away, and the rest of the half could have made the Gunners pay, although a spurs win would’ve been harsh. Football isn’t exactly the scales of justice however. 

Before kickoff, both sides went into the game with contrasting recent fortunes. The home side hadn’t lost a fixture since the opening day of the season, and spurs had not won in their last five. Form in derby games rarely comes to the fore though, so the hope of a wounded animal turning up to The Emirates was never a reality.

There was plenty to glean from the 90 minutes, but here are 5 keypoints from the match that may pique your interest, or you may disagree with!

This was more than a disappointing result.

Our opponents had a striker who hadn’t played in over two months. They were also playing in an experimental formation, which means the men attempting to implement such a style would be unfamiliar with team orders and movement. They were there for the taking. Yet, for large periods of play, we invited them onto us. What was more frustrating, was that when we did play as we have at times this season – pressing quickly and attacking with pace and accurate passing – then spurs had no answer. We just didn’t do it enough. This was a huge missed opportunity.

Iwobi struggling, but there are bright spots

The last few games has seen our youngster wilt a little. Setting the bar so high means that there will always be a dip, and he is in the middle of his, but it isn’t all bad. He never hid and always wanted the ball. His final product is the part of his game that has most suffered, and again it was missing in this game. What has been highlighted as a deficiency in his game is his reluctancy to track back, and yet during his stint on the pitch for yesterday’s derby, he was a permanent ally for Nacho Monreal. He harried and was always switched on in a defensive sense. If he can ally both attacking and defence in his game simultaneously then he will have cracked it.

Sanchez a constant thorn

For Alan Shearer to decree that the Premier League only has one world class player in Sergio Aguero is laughable. Kevin Debruyne, Mesut Ozil and Eden Hazard may have something to say about that, but Alexis Sanchez is another who deserves that accolade. Even in his darkest days, he still affects proceedings, and during the North London Derby, he was the one player who was at the forefront of everything we did that hurt spurs. The Chilean is unpredictable and gives us a fluency. If he is fit, he plays, no matter if he played three days ago. Keep that man fit!

Mustafi still learning, but the signs are good

On occasion, Mustafi was caught out and the gap that he left could’ve hurt his team’s efforts. For the majority though, the German defender showed huge tenacity and great positioning to combat the opposition who were allowed to impose themselves. This at times was down to a midfield presence more inclined to start attacks than quell them, but it matters little. Mustafi still has a little polishing to do, but he will only improve with experience and his bond with Koscielny grows. 

The international break is welcome for once.

I’m not overtly superstitious, but our record over November over the years is well documented, and scares me greatly. So for international football to take a sizeable chunk out of this infernal month is not a bad thing. Normally, the break from domestic football is nothing but misery, but any chance to avoid more dropped points is fine by me. We are still within striking distance at the top, and more importantly, Mesut Ozil will be granted a rest by Joachim Low and Germany. Nothing but positives. Aside from the boredom.

So, a missed opportunity, not only to break the spirit of our neighbours but to exert our influence at the top of the table. We have played better, and we will do in the future. We will need to as well, if we are to put this team where it belongs. We have the squad, so let’s prove we have the mettle. 

Arsenal 0-0 Middlesbrough – A Timely Reminder & 5 Keypoints.

The optimism was free-flowing, a sole loss in seven months and our lofty position in the League meant that this game could always supply us Gooners with the pin to burst our rising hopes – and so it proved.

The goals that had been raining down heavily from the boots of messrs Walcott, Sanchez and Ozil suddenly dried up, and the stifling tactics which nulified us on many occasions last season once again silenced our frontline.

It isn’t just a tired cliche that pundits trot out – every game in the Premier League is a real test – no matter that our opponents were languishing just above the drop zone. Boro boss Aitor Karanka had his side drilled, and with the surprise inclusion of Adama Traore they had a vibrant outlet to cause a real threat when they finally obtained possession. Calum Chambers has to make way though, as he is not allowed to face his parent club which is part of his loan agreement. 

Arsene Wenger had a few changes to make himself after smashing six past Ludogorets in midweek. Santi Cazorla failed to recover from a knock on his achilles, so it was a first Premiership start of the season for Mohamed Elneny, and he partnered Francis Coquelin in the centre of the park.

Alex Iwobi came back into the side on the left at the expense of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, and Petr Cech resumed goalkeeping duties after David Ospina took the gloves in the Champions League fixture.

It would be Cech that would take the plaudits too, after Boro’s tactics meant that they had as much of a shout for the points as Arsenal did. 

Gaston Ramirez hit the frame of the goal early on with a free-kick, and Alvaro Negredo, Traore and Stuani all had sights of goal that Cech repelled, but Arsenal also could have obtained the points, if Valdes hadn’t pulled out a fantastic full-stretch stop to deny Alexis.

Theo Walcott had a game to forget, but it wasn’t the England man’s job to take the blame, as there were a a few factors which led to us dropping points, as well as Boro actually providing stiff opposition.

Here are some salient points from the ninety minutes:

Santi was sorely missed

The Spaniard had played the majority of minutes this season – and the reason for this was plainly displayed on the pitch during this game. Without Cazorla, there is very little forward impetus, and we rely on our defenders more to break forward and provide another outlet. When Santi is playing, he does that job. He converts negative to positive. He has a week to recover from this supposedly minor injury, so fingers crossed he returns for the away match at the Stadium of Light. 

Elneny hasn’t suddenly deteriorated – he is just rusty

The Egyptian has had a miniscule amount of playing time for a player of his class, but with Santi, Xhaka and Coquelin ahead of him, it means that opportunites will be fleeting. This in turn means he must be ready to take advantage when he gets a chance. A tough ask, as form can only be obtained through playing, and his rustiness showed in this game. He is a valuable player and he will once again show his worth, but he must stay sharp.

Cech is No1 – and don’t forget it

Sometimes, a proverbial post-it note to one and all is required. Cech used the whole pad with his performance during this match. His positioning, his presence, his reflexes all bailed his team out when concentration was an issue. In years gone by we would have lost this game, but world class players make the difference. Cech saved us a point, and he should still be regarded as one of the finest – if not the finest exponent of goalkeeping there is in the league. 

We are allowed to make mistakes – but not too many

Despite dropping points, we still have our sights on top spot – even if City win today and regain the number one position. It is the third time we have dropped points in nine games, and in a season it is inevitable that slip-ups will occur. Well, this was one of those slip-ups. We can put this down to a learning experience, but we cannot allow many more of these to happen. Standards have been set this season, and this was below it. 

Rotation is needed

It depends on your viewpoint, but some players need resting. The season began only two months ago, but when the Premiership isn’t playing, there has been international breaks, which our players have been involved in. So, it’s been pretty non-stop for all involved. Throw into the mixer a settled lineup and we have certain players needing a breather – step forward Nacho, Santi and Iwobi. Alexis is pretty much bionic, so he doesn’t count. We have the squad, so let’s give a few games to Gibbs, Elneny and Lucas, let them prove why they have a future at the club. We know they’re good enough, but it would be nice if we could see what they are truly capable of. That will only happen with more minutes. 

So, we look forward, and this coming week see us play Reading in the EFL Cup, followed by a weekend match away to Sunderland in the Premier League. 

If we are to win both, then a slight step up from this performance will be the order of the day. 

Leicester 0-0 Arsenal – 5 Key Points 

On the face of things, this result leaves us under pressure and is far from good enough.

After the collapse last week versus Liverpool, the onus on victory in this game was large, but this draw leaves us with one point from six – and already facing a five point gap to get to the top of the table.

Also, failing to score is not exactly the best answer to the vociferous demands for a striker purchase.

Fear not though, there are some factors that arose as we fought with the Foxes that we can cling onto – and some that may yet derail us at such an early stage. 

Koscielny,Giroud and Özil are back.

Last week, our players who were given an extra week off after their Euro2016 exploits were severely missed. None more so than Laurent Koscielny.

The French defender was a certified gamble, according to Arsene Wenger, but it certainly paid off. 

Kos hit the ground running, putting in many tackles and more importantly, being the sage head that young Rob Holding needed next to him.

Giroud and Özil were only given second half cameos, but after enduring a spell of pressure from Leicester, the class they both have allowed the Gunners an outlet which gave the last twenty minutes a more even footing.

Rob Holding looking good.

The young man from Bolton endured a baptism of fire last week, and players of a certain mental framework would struggle for a while after such a debut.

Not Holding though. He held firm, and denied Vardy, Mahrez and co with some great defending. Of course, the help he received from Koscielny, Coquelin and others was telling, but we might just have a bargain on our hands. £2m looks a steal thus far.

Santi Cazorla not ready yet.

Flitting in and out of the game, is a telltale sign that the all-action Spaniard is not up to speed yet. 

His final ball was errant, he didn’t have the impact we expect. As such, our attack looked blunt. When Santi gets his edge back, we will have someone to load the bullets alongside Özil, but….

We need to buy a striker.

Alexis CAN play as a striker. 

Just not as a lone striker. He could be as good as Griezmann, but he needs a foil. He requires a partner. 

Until our system changes, Alexis should not play up top. He can be effective in his normal position, just leave him where he is.

That leaves Giroud – and Theo. I firmly believe Theo can do a job for us, but the lack of options up front is not an elite mentality. 

All top contenders have top strikers. 

Leicester had their 1st shot on target in the 92nd minute…

People will moan about this disappointing result, but restricting the Champions to one shot on target, and this occurred in extra time, shows our midfield and defence are ready for the season. If our attack was at the same stage, then we would have grabbed the points.

So, yes, we are playing catch up. Yes, we need a striker.

Reports of our demise however, are greatly exaggerated – for now. 

tottenham 2-2 Arsenal – Frantic Action, but Gunners Show Desire – Match Report

Before Michael Oliver blew on his whistle to begin this match, all the talk was about yet another power shift in North London. A signal, much like many before, that our neighbours were ready to wrestle the power away from Arsenal for the first time in decades.

Well, you can’t blame the assorted experts, pundits and journalists for thinking that the Gunners days were numbered. No wins in four games, repeated insipid displays and players so woefully off-colour that they looked lost on the pitch.

This game saw the return of Arsenal’s belief and hunger.


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Arsenal 0-0 Hull City – A Needless Exercise In Frustration

To say that it was expected for Arsenal to make safe passage would be fair, as Championship leaders Hull City travelled to The Emirates and a replay was the last thing that both Managers would have wanted.

Well, that was exactly what they were rewarded with, after Hull City showed little to no aspirations in attack and Arsenal put in a disjointed display which meant that a stalemate was always on the cards.

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Stoke City 0-0 Arsenal – Cech Saves The Day as Arsenal Prove Mettle. Match Review.

Stoke maintained their excellent record at the Brittania versus Arsenal with this stalemate – the Gunners have now failed to win at Stoke since 2010. Debate raged on all platforms if this should be seen as two points dropped or one gained, but a trip to Anfield and the Brittania within four days and managing to escape without loss can be regarded as a satisfactory job.

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Norwich 1-1 Arsenal – The Curse of the Jersey and November – Match Review

Another two points dropped for Arsenal, but of far more concern is the dreaded injury curse shows no sign of abating.

The match began so well for Arsene Wenger’s men. Ozil latched onto a superb pass by the lurking Alexis Sanchez and an impudent finish from the German put Arsenal a goal up.

But, Arsenal’s alternate jersey is still winless as Lewis Grabban aptly grabbed an equaliser and in all honesty, comfortably saw out the rest of the game.

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