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A Classic Arsenal Whodunnit……

Each letter was scribed on the finest parchment. Despite being daubed using a fountain pen – not one accidental blot spoiled what was the most elegant of handwriting. Each letter had been placed in a thick sheath and had been delivered by hand in the wee hours. Every detail had been seen to. The invites were completed.

Now he waited…….. Continue reading A Classic Arsenal Whodunnit……

Red Letter Days by Jon Spurling – A Review

Dante Alighieri, the author and philosopher who penned ‘The Divine Comedy’, is quoted as saying ” There is no greater sorrow, than to recall a happy time when miserable “. Seeing as our beloved Arsenal are plunged in the depths of a currently mediocre season, a window to view more halcyon times may bring about more stormclouds. Jon Spurling’s book – Red Letter Days – however, dissipates any negativity as you become more engrossed by the page. Continue reading Red Letter Days by Jon Spurling – A Review

Time for a ‘Winterval’ in the Premiership?

In case you missed it, I made my glorious debut in the Official Arsenal Magazine recently. Not that I like to mention it of course. The subject of my article? Whether a winter break could be implemented successfully on these shores. Continue reading Time for a ‘Winterval’ in the Premiership?