The protest aimed squarely at Arsenal’s owners may not have dislodged those in power as we had wished.

But it may well have alerted a figurative white knight.

Spotify CEO, Daniel Ek, tweeted his ‘interest in the immediate aftermath of the protest, as thousands showed their disgust at KSE and their handling of the whole European Super League affair and their stewardship of the club.

Ek has a worth of billiions like Kroenke. But it is still dwarved by Kroenke’s entire fortune. Buying Arsenal – thought to be worth in the region of £2bn – would not only cost Ek about 90% of his entire worth, but it would leave him powerless to do what he wants.

And that is, as a Gooner of 30 years, to return our club to the top.

Image credit to Gooner Fanzine

Arsenal have been amongst the biggest transfer spenders in recent years, but this hasn’t come from Stan’s pockets. The American has resolutely refused to take his hands from his cavernous pockets. In fact, the only monetary transactions that take place between Stan and Arsenal are his ‘Consultancy fees’ that are around £3m at a time.

While Arsenal have wheeled and dealed and taken out he equivalent of a finance deal for our biggest transfers, we have fallen down the pecking order in the all-important Deloitte Money list. This exclusive money league table takes into account all assets of a club and whittles everything down into a net worth of each club. Arsenal used to be mainstays of the top8, but now we have fallen behind the majority of our rivals – even sinking below our neighbours.

This has coincided with a slump in performance and results, which now see us struggling to stay in the top half of the Premier League table.

All of this has melded together and created a swell of negativity, from old fans and new, about the direction the club is going in. With Kroenke at the helm – who famously said that he didn’t buy into Arsenal for trophies – we have sunken farther and farther from where we should be, where years of hard work had allowed us to be.

Where does it stop? This is the desperate feeling amongst the majority of us Gooners, hence the vociferous support for both the protest, and the club that represents the rebirth of the Arsenal traditions and values we hold dear – Dial Square FC. DSFC received a huge lift in applications to become members, as this club promises that fans come first and always will.

Dial Square FC – Where the Fans are the priority. Click the image to find out more

But any owner will come in and have to lend money to buy clubs of our ilk. Leverage the value of the club and add debt to our name – and Ek would do the same. He needs outside investment to complete his proposals. What would make him better than Kreonke, who simply does nothing?

Well, it’s all about intentions.

Daniel Ek – a self-professed fan – confessing that he wants to buy Arsenal FC. It sounds too good to be true, the modern-day take on a fairytale. But can Ek defeat the evil king with just he? No! He needs a merry band of warriors by his side – Patrick Vieira, Dennis Bergkamp and Thierry Henry. Bona fide Arsenal legends, who would be a part of the Board. Football people on our Board. Arsenal people on our Board.

It sounds too good to be true, probably because it is. And yet, Ek spoke to news channels recently and let everyone know he is in it for the long haul, and doesn’t expect the Kroenke’s to simply hand over the reins.

Any fan of any club would dearly love fans – rich fans that is – and heroes of the club, to be owners and representatives of the club. Bayern Munich have that to a degree, as do Ajax.

Until King Kroenke is foiled though, this fairytale will have to wait for its happy ending.