Who should be our Captain?

There has been plenty of talk surrounding our club of late – and for good reason.

The winds of change are sweeping around The Emirates, and Unai Emery’s appointment has sent the media into a froth over the inevitable variances that will occur after over two decades under one man’s stewardship.

One thing that hasn’t really come into focus is who will lead our men on the pitch.

The subject of our next skipper is an important one. The person who wears the armband next season will be the link between Emery in the dugout and the enacting of his demands.Not only this, but when it comes time to dig our heels in, the captain is the man who leads from the front.

Jack, Xhaka and Ramsey - who is our next captain?

Many think that Aaron Ramsey is the perfect candidate. The model professional who leads from the front, there is no denying he is the perfect example for our youth for triumph in the face of adversity, and never giving up.

Does the Welshman have the chops though? Many say that vocality is a dying trait when it comes to wearing the armband, and all that is needed is someone to lead from the front with their talents.

I would have to disagree. We have had those types of leaders before, back during the time when we dished out the armband as a lure to wantaway players – it didn’t work.

Captains need to have the ability to pick players up when they’re either having an abysmal game or if they’re making errors. They need to have that extra clout to be able to say what needs to be said, without recrimination. The players will listen because he is the leader, without fail.

If it isn’t Rambo though, who should it be? It isn’t as if we are stocked to the rafters with leaders – many people would say this is one of the many reasons we have struggled over previous seasons.

We have had a decent skipper recently though, but Mertesacker’s lack of minutes on the pitch undermined his strength. We need a player who will play the majority of our games.

Perhaps Granit Xhaka? Yes, his displays were erratic last campaign, but his will to win and his place in the team are strong. He seems to have the respect of his comrades and with a new man in charge, Xhaka could actually be played to his strengths rather than made to fit.

Other than these two players, we don’t have anyone who should shoulder this immense responsibility. Laurent Koscielny is a fantastic servant for the club, but leader he certainly isn’t. Plus, he is set to miss the first half of the season through injury. Nacho Monreal is the embodiment of consistency, but does he have what it takes to lead the team in difficult circumstances?

Then there is Jack Wilshere. His love for the club is undeniable, and we know he is certainly not lacking in making himself heard, but his future is uncertain – as well as his place in the team. If Jack stayed and picked up his game a little, then he would be a viable choice.

It would seem right now though, that it is a choice of two – and after last season and with a danger of Ramsey not signing a new deal, the Captains’ armband could well be the sweetener Rambo needs to commit his future.

3 thoughts on “Who should be our Captain?”

  1. Whilst filling in the annual end of season gap by playing the selection game – our favoured squad, acquisitions, deletions and of course club captain – decisions are made based on personal likes and dislikes. It’s a pastime that can absorb many hours of ‘downtime’ and can be extended to discussions and debates with friend and foe alike, but in the end it is only a personal opinion and unfortunately doesn’t carry any sway when the new seasons team sheets are printed.

    The role of captain is one muse that attracts more deliberation than others as it carries that mystical aura of team leader on the pitch. Sure the coach/manager selects the team but when the team is out there on the pitch ready to do battle the skipper is the one that is going to make it all work. He’s going to set the tone, he’s going to inspire and motivate other to excel themselves. The player who will emerge from the pack in the opponents penalty area in the dying seconds of a game and force the ball home for a dramatic winner.

    Brings to mind the boys comic hero ‘Roy of the Rovers’, or maybe for us Arsenal supporters Tony Adams or Patrick Viera, they fit the profile.

    Certainly those characteristics have been missing since those halcyon days of the ‘Invincibles’. I would guess that opinion is wide spread on the reasons why the succession of captains since then have been selected and why they have proven ineffectual. However the lack of a ‘proper’ captain has been, in my opinion, a major contributory factor to our decline. Another wreath to lay at our former managers doorstep.

    So who will be the new leader, who will wear the suit of armour and get the white horse? I’d warrant that if you posed that question to any group you’d get quite a variation of choice each with their own reason for that nomination, so how do you get one name that will be accepted by the vast majority?

    All of the questions and scenarios posed so far contribute to the game described in the opening paragraph, because it’s what your intriguing article promotes – who’s your(my) choice.

    Truth is that most of us don’t know who will be in the squad by the time September arrives and even when we do we won’t really know those players well enough to decide who has the characteristics and ‘make up’ to make a sound decision. Great players, or popular players don’t necessarily have the attributes that a true leader embodies, true leaders earn respect by their actions not by the number of named shirts on the terraces or pictures on bedroom walls.

    Here’s hoping that Unai Emery’s choice is made for the right reasons and most importantly leads to the right results on the field!

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  2. I don’t believe there are any true captains in our squad.
    I guess Koscielny & Cech are the most qualified followed by Wilshere (should he stay), followed by Ramsey (should he stay)… 😧

    Regardless of who wears the skippers armband, I hope Emery has a true leader or two within the group next season whether it be Lichsteiner, Sokratis or another new signing.

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