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The Next Generation of Arsenal Supporter – The Next Big Thing?

Arsenal’s fan base is burgeoning. Season ticket waiting lists are long. Membership numbers are high. The worldwide representation of Gooners amongst social media has never been in ruder health. Our club – as a business – is thriving.

What exactly is attracting these young fans to our club? If they wanted glory, then surely the club down the Kings Road in blue would fit the bill?

Also, our young talents at the club are struggling to break through. These fresh faced imports from across the globe are brought in and we then wait in vain for them to break through the embryotic sac to the first team in a blaze of glory – to be heralded the ‘ Next Big Thing  ‘. Plain and simply – we have waited a long time for a youth prospect to really fly the flag for our investment in our youth teams.

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The Wise Choice….

Originally posted on Goonersphere.

The hazy days of his summer holiday that would take on a golden hue upon recollection as a daydreaming adult – had been and gone.

What replaced those halcyon times was the unmistakeable smell of new pencilcase. Shiny new backpack. Last years ‘Ben10’ bag was now being used to contain mum’s clothes pegs. Everyone loves new. It almost makes returning to school bearable. Almost. Continue reading The Wise Choice….