Fans have never been further from their respective clubs.

Fans are at the heart of every club’s origin. And fans are the driving force behind making football the most popular – and lucrative – sport in the world.

But now, the sport has reached a crossroads and fans are not the priority.

There are exceptions though.

Dial Square FC is a club for Gooners – run by Gooners. And written into the very fabric of this special club is one rule – put the fans first.

It’s easy to say, but Dial Square are a fan-owned club. From the boardroom to the stands, Dial Square FC has fans in every position, which ensures that the best interests of the supporters will always be the priority.

Now you have a place where you can go to matches with friends, enjoy the game and have your voice heard on club decisions.

We want you to become a part of this club – and in turn, you can make sure you have an influence on what direction the club goes in.

Instead of slumping in your armchair and slowly forgetting those special matchdays, recreate them with friends with Dial Square FC.

Become a part owner and write history with us.