It’s always good to look back on the year – so here’s the most read blogs from Up The Arsenal from 2022.

And that’s quite the pool to choose from. With one blog a week for the whole year, what did you enjoy the most?

Let’s jump straight into the Top5 Blogs from Up The Arsenal.

5 – Speaking to the fans – What changes do you want to see?

This blog took a look at the meetings between the fans and the club in the summer of 2022. These meetings intended to look at strengthening the bond between club and fans – and lots of things were on the table. Take a read and find out what changes were potentially discussed and what changes should have been on the agenda.

4 – Arsenal 2008 – What if?

The Gunners side of 2008 slip under the radar a little when talking of Wenger’s greatest sides – but they came very close to becoming champions. Have a read and enjoy the nostalgia – remember what great players this side had.

3 – Arsenal and the expensive matchday experience

Arsenal ticket prices, merch prices and even the price of food and drink at The Ems – this blog delivered a stark contrast from you. Some say the prices were fair and there was no need to spend out. Others agreed that prices need to be looked at. Have a read and decide for yourself.

2 – The Story of Vic Akers

Vic Akers – A man who deserves his place among the pantheon of greats who represented the club. But the adulation Akers should get is sometimes lacking – especially for a man who is responsible for creating Arsenal Women and also a reliable ally for the men’s side. Take a read, Vic deserves it.

1 – The Angel – A watershed Arsenal Song

This was the most popular article on this site in 2022. Louis Dunford sang a song and now it’s become The Arsenal anthem before kickoff. It also coincided with the resurrection of the atmosphere at The Emirates and also positive results on the pitch. The Angel isn’t just a song, it’s the anthem of Arsenal in modern times. Read the top blog of 2022.

And this blog will be packing up and enjoying the festivities for the rest of 2022.

But we’ll be back for your weekly pleasure in 2023.