What does it take to win the title?

For the majority of sides lucky enough to be crowned champions – there are a few parallels.

A dearth of injuries, especially to key players.

A sizeable squad, robust enough to deal with the inevitable fixture congestion.

A reliable source of goals – from multiple sources.

That is normally enough to set a sustainable tilt at the title.

There is one rule that ties together every single title winner since records began.

They avoid penalties from the governing bodies.

And they don’t lose their leader to a stint in jail.

There is an exception though.

It’s a side that scored more goals and conceded less than the great, immortal Invincibles side.

It’s a side that had a meagre squad of 21 – with 5 of those 21 amassing just 4 appearances.

That means the entire First Division season was navigated with 16 players.

This side lost their skipper for 8 weeks – in the middle of the campaign – as he was sent to Her Majesty’s Pleasure for drink driving offences.

This side was deducted two points for a massive brawl at Old Trafford with Manchester United – to this day this is still the heaviest penalty ever incurred by a top flight side.

This side lost just one First Division game – a loss that never should have happened.

This side is the Arsenal side of 1990-91 – the Almost Invincibles.

And they are arguably Arsenal’s greatest ever side.

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