We’ve dealt with the sky-high ticket prices for some time. The highest in Europe, in fact.

We are peppered with a steady stream of merchandise. Three kits per season. New training kit every season. A limited edition training kit. A limited edition regular kit. Each shirt costing upwards of £50-60.

Now we have to pay to have a voice.

The last straw as far as modern football should be concerned.

The collaboration with Socios means that us Gooners, as well as other major teams in Europe, now have a ‘currency’ that allows us to have a voice on club matters…

And this notion is exactly where modern football has finally severed the last thread between fans and their clubs.

Because football clubs were BUILT by fans. Without fans, clubs should be bereft of their soul. But that isn’t the way anymore. Fans are instead viewed as limitless cash-cows, mercilessly squeezed until every last penny is grabbed. And having to pay to have a voice really should be a wake up call to us all.

Fortunately, there has already been an answer created.

It’s a club built by fans – for the fans.

A place to go and enjoy the simple pleasure of a football match. With the warming peace of mind that the club you’re supporting is putting you first in all decisions.

It’s Dial Square FC.

From the ashes – a club is born where we are the priority

DSFC is created from the ground up by Gooners. Gooners who still adore Arsenal FC but can’t abide the greed that comes with today’s pale incarnation of the game. So, like a phoenix from the ashes, Dial Square was born, with one central tenet to its existence…

…Dial Square is for the fans.

Become a member in something special. Become a part of a growing club that has its foundations entrenched in fan ownership.

Shun the copious amounts of overpriced merch. Ignore the ‘fan token’ movement and become a supporter of a club where you don’t need to pay to be heard.

Have a read of our club mantra and see for yourself. If you’ve had it with the inequities of modern-day football and want to go back to watching a game with friends and a drink – Dial Square is for you. Remind yourself why you love the game – and be a Dial Square FC Fan.

We’ll see you at the game!