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‘ITV7’ – An Arsenal Book Review

Sequels are usually a bad thing. The general rule of thumb is that when revisiting a good thing, you will either lose what you were chasing or you will fail to capture what was good about the original. Die Hard 2 was a great film, but did it come remotely close to the thrills of Nakatomi Plaza in the first Bruce Willis action-fest?  The same goes for most mediums. Super Mario Bros 2 was abysmal when compared with the first game with the squat Italian plumber. Ditto for the second series of Twin Peaks and the disappointing second series.

So, the lesson to be learned is that if you have a good idea, don’t be tempted to revisit, as it’s never the same.

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I Am Sam – Book Review

There are swathes of Arsenal-related books out there. With a club that has such an eventful and extensive backstory as Arsenal do, then there are a preposterous amount of threads that a prospecting author can pick at and unravel as they see fit.

The problem with having so much reading material at your disposal as a Gooner, is that there is often a recurring theme or structure that the central narrative is housed within. No matter what the subject may be, if the epic tale smacks of the prosaic, then each turn of the page may feel like trudging through treacle.

This is where ‘I Am Sam‘ author, James Durose Rayner, has come up trumps. This book does contain a central Arsenal theme, and it is Gooners who will buy it. The framework that acts as the foundation however, is anything but mundane. It isn’t set in chronological order, nor does it simply go through the life of the central subject – a certain Jon Sammels – from birth to retirement.

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