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Bobbi Pires Saved Our Season

Originally featured as a guest article on The Armchair Gooner

Every football club has those memories of glory which are dusted down and polished to aid recollection. Each retelling of these slices of triumph add a little more lustre and a dash of vibrancy as each person who delves deep into their own memory banks includes their own experiences which only enhance the tale.

When any fan – be it a Gooner, an Everton fan or a Cobblers supporter – is asked about Arsenal, they will invariably talk about the much heralded ‘Invincibles’ squad. The season of 2003/04 has permanently daubed itself on the echelons of football itself, with  countless memorabilia and books on the men who have now created their own lore.

For Gooners though, every rose-tinted view of the titans of that campaign is extra special. Knowing that their has NEVER been a team in the modern era to match this achievement, not one team has had the honour of picking up an all-gold League trophy, makes it unmatchable.

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Meeting Sol Campbell

The ‘Invincible’ season has seen documentaries, interviews and spawned countless items of merchandise, and for good reason. The team which went unbeaten through a domestic season achieved footballing immortality and will forever be used as a barometer to which all future teams will be measured up against.

Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry and Robert Pires consistently grab the majority of the plaudits but every single meber of the squad was equally vital to permanently etching themselves in the record books.

One of these luminaries is Sol Campbell. Some would argue the very moment he chose to jump from the wreckage that is tottenham to our outfit meant he instantly earned a place amongst the greats, but it was his displays in defence during our incredible run that gilded his name in gold.

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