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More Money, More Problems

In the thick of Kevin De Bruyne’s protracted move from Wolfsburg to Manchester City, a comment from the Bundesliga side’s Director Klaus Allofs probably should have warranted far more headlines than it did. His candid remarks regarding not only Manchester City, but the Premier League as a whole, should have sent shockwaves throughout the media.

It will be very difficult – apart from Bayern Munich – to compete with the Premier League in the future…… ‘Even the last team in the Premier League has much more money than Bayern Munich in TV money so this is already the situation. 

‘It’s a big task for our football league to get more money out of TV rights and we have to compete with that and hopefully we can.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3213431/Kevin-Bruyne-astonishing-offer-Manchester-City-reveals-Wolfsburg-chief-Klaus-Allofs-ahead-54m-transfer.html#ixzz3kI2XKztd 

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£49m for Sterling? Cash Gone Crazy.

Originally posted on Goonersphere.

It has finally happened.

With the news of oil-drenched Manchester City capturing long-term interest Raheem Sterling for the cut price figure of £49million – is this the final stepping stone on the path to football madness?

It is a truly breathtaking amount of money for a player who plundered a staggering seven goals in thirty four appearances in the League last season. It is absolutely nothing to do with the blue half of Manchester sporting a few beads of sweat at the prospect of being in breach of FFP regulations in terms of homegrown players.

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Futile Financial Fair Play

Financial Fair Play – when it was first formulated and circulated amongst the sport – was much needed. The worry that first started to bloom amongst anxious rival fans like a toxic weed spread fast to the heirarchy of the game. For good reason as well. Continue reading Futile Financial Fair Play