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January Signings To Make Instant Impact?

There were more than a few signings in the as always overhyped transfer window last month. The headline grabber was the much-vaunted move of Pep Guardiola to Manchester City in the summer, but what of the many strikers who joined their respective clubs? Will the monetary gamble made by clubs be paid off with a return of goals?

So much rides on a good start and this weekend represents the starting pistol for many of the players who recently joined a new club in the Premier League. Confidence is a huge thing for a player, especially those whose main trade is hunting goals, so can these newbies make the perfect start, get their fans behind them and get on the scoresheet?

Well, TitanBet has had a look and delivered their verdict –


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This season has been perhaps the most unpredictable in recent memory. No sooner has one team established themselves top of the league and odds have been slashed to reflect this, than another team has stolen a march on them and taken first place away. Arsenal, Manchester City, maybe Tottenham and the most surprising being Leicester City all have their sights on the League crown but only one can win and with the Premiership throwing up surprise results each week, who knows who will be victorious over thirty eight games?

John Barnes, that’s who.

Yup, Barnesy has had a stab at predicting this weekends Premiership matches and has looked at the odds of each team.

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Tale Of The Tape – Premier League Contenders

The international break has once more snuck up on us, bringing with it boredom, a restless eye on matches only to make sure the players who play for your club stay clear of injury – and also a penchant for shuddering to a halt any rhythm the club you support had built up.

But fret not, as the lull in Premier League proceedings isn’t all bad. It does give you an opportunity to take a step back and take in all the events that come with a flurry of results. All the variables that either boost or hinder your team can be scrutinised and enable you to gauge whether it will be a season of pain or triumph.

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