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Farewell to Diaby – Longest Serving But Least Seen


( Part One can be found here )

I’d like to raise a glass. Vassiriki ‘Abou’ Diaby has finally seen his tenure at Arsenal come to an end. The toast isn’t for the closing curtains of his time playing for the Gunners however.
It is for the death of the untapped potential he had, which most would agree, was gargantuan.

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Diaby – Revisiting The Past

This article is meant to commemorate Vassiriki Abou Diaby. 

On the news that he has finally been released from the chains that have shackled him for eons to the Colney treatment table, Arsenal have decided to cut loose a player who could have been an Arsenal Great. 

The first blog I ever threw together was centred on Diaby. Why? Because he was my favourite and adulation comes through brightest in the form of words. 

It was hackneyed. It was short, but here it is. Please remember it was my first time, so be gentle with me. I just felt compelled to write about a player who held all the keys in his hand but was blocked from using them by a mixture of cruel fate and a neanderthal who injured him as his own limited talent couldn’t sustain a challenge to get close to Diaby – so he scythed him down. 

Hopefully it highlights why we all hoped every season would be the season for his return.

My first ever blog regarding Abou Diaby.

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