The Arsenal fanbase has developed a reputation for being a little fickle.

But recently, there’s been a spate of downright lunacy from so-called Gooners.

We’re currently enjoying the best season since the Invincibles.

Whether or not we win the title, the progress under Mikel Arteta is tangible.

Yet some overlook the reason we call ourselves supporters and don’t support.

Instead, they feed their own ego with clickbait-y posts straight from the Adrian Durham playbook, designed to do one thing.

Get a reaction.

But this blog is here to put the record straight with some good old fashioned evidence to highlight the idiocy of these posts.

First up, the boss.

Arteta and Odegaard in training

Search ‘Arteta’ on any popular social space and there will be a few people still bleating on about how Arteta is nicking a living and is getting lucky, as well as having no ‘Plan B.’ Some are actually agreeing with Richard Keys and getting on his back for his gesticulating on the touchline.


During our 4-0 win over Everton, Sean Dyche hurtled out of his touchline to blast a gravelly instruction to one of his team.

The same can be said for Pep in any game where they are under pressure – watch his draw with Forest to see him do the same.

And no Plan B?


The evidence to prove this is a fallacy can be found in our watershed match against Villa, where we switched up our gameplan in the second half and destroyed Unai Emery’s team, snatching a win at the death.

Here’s another ridiculous post I saw on Facebook recently, claiming that Odegaard loses the ball more often than anyone in the team and is underperforming…


Odegaard is currently 4th in the PL for chances created and sixth for assists.

The Norwegian is 4th in our list for most times dispossessed – and not in the top 20 of the League.

Eddie Nketiah is not good enough for The Arsenal

This is based on a few recent chances missed. Whilst ignoring the fact he was our top scorer until recently, despite not playing in the first team until Jesus was injured.


Eddie has scored more goals than Jesus from less shots, showing his accuracy is actually better than his illustrious teammate.

Eddie features in the top 10 for chance conversion at 7.8% (at the time of writing) and while his frequency of goals may have dipped in the last few games, Eddie has shown we can depend on him.

Any other lies or ridiculous statement that are getting on your nerves? Comments below – let’s put the record straight!