The Gunners finally emerged from their chrysalis against Liverpool, showing what manager Mikel Arteta had been striving for in his time as Head Coach.

Arteta’s Arsenal continued to defy critics with a victory over a Liverpool side who had toyed with the Gunners for the last few years.

And the win which most couldn’t envisage is a clear signal that Mikel Arteta has constructed a side that is intent on delivering the good times back to the club.

Arsenal celebrate in the corner of the pitch after scoring against Liverpool

Arsenal have suffered in the doldrums since Arsene Wenger said goodbye. While many of us were disenchanted with the continual chase for scraps and a Champions League place, his departure and a series of bad decisions led to a realisation that things can become a lot worse.

First, we lost our Champions League spot.

Then, we saw our mediocre rivals rise above us.

Then we saw our reputation for beautiful football smashed to smithereens, replaced by insipidness and a confusion with our identity.

We dabbled with Unai Emery and different players. Flashes of brilliance were witnessed but Arsenal continued to toil.

But once Arsenal decided a fresh start was needed and Arteta was trusted to make the changes – Arsenal began the recovery we needed.

Edu was by Arteta’s side, both former Arsenal players who understood that what was being served up for us fans was simply not good enough.

But the process was a slow burner. First we needed a clear out. Then the personnel could be replaced with young, hungry players with a burning talent and even bigger desire for glory.

The tactics would come, but it would take time on the training ground before everyone was harmonious.

This season we are seeing the fruits of that labour. The tough defeats, the hard yards at London Colney.

And the best part is the noise at our home. Because we can call it home now, as we offer our unequivocal support for the boys on the pitch.

It’s united on the grass and in the stands – and the Liverpool game was when the caterpillar finally emerged from that chrysalis.

Yes, Man City and Pep are still runaway favourites – but we’ve shown with our win against an opponent who had regularly taught us harsh lessons – that we can now keep up with them. We can match them stride for stride.

We need some luck of course. We will be aiming for Top4 and a good cup run, but if this side stays together, then a first title in 19 years could be on the cards next season.

Arsenal are in the ascendancy – we kept the faith and backed our man.

The critics will never give us the credit we deserve and we will always be the target of slings and arrows, but we know what we are seeing. We have recovered, we have transformed.

Now watch us move.