On the one hand, a reveal-all documentary looking behind the scenes at the Arsenal seems like a good idea.

We’re always looking to get closer to our club, the players, the coaching team. We hoover up every morsel the club dishes out. We talk about the club every day, we follow groups on social media, we watch and share videos of past and present highlights of glory.

Everything we can get our hands on, we consume. Because it keeps us close, it maintains the ties, the obsession to a degree.

So when this season culminates in either European qualification or a near miss and subsequent depression about our future hopes and managerial choice, we will have the ultimate chance to see what really happens in the tight circle of Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal, with the documentary, All or Nothing.

Last season we chuckled heartily as our neighbours were filmed as they quested to achieve glory and fell some way short. Their documentary saw Jose Mourinho take the reins and how he tried to steer the undernourished side of North London to some silverware for once.

And tripped in the process.

We saw team talks, we saw temper tantrums, we saw reactions not caught on the cameras of Sky and BT Sport.

And it was fascinating, but with our fanbase, it is a double-edged sword.

We already pore over everything, every word, every grimace, every wave to the crowd on the pitch.

Just imagine the carnage when we get to ‘sit in’ on one of Arteta’s team talks. For a game where we lost with nary a whimper in response.

Cast a thought to how the keyboard brigade will disseminate the goings on between Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Arteta prior to his expulsion from the squad and subsequent transfer to Barcelona for less than a penny?

It’s going to be worse than transfer deadline day and the saga with the ITK’s. Remember that? It’s still with us of course, but the fabrications some desperate people put out across social media in an attempt to grab more attention is akin to wading through litter on the surface of open water.

And this documentary offers everyone the chance to see the inner sanctum of Arsenal. To see the spectrum of emotions from those at the top and those who pull on the shirt. If it doesn’t align with those who like to create waves on social platforms? Then they will post about it, decreeing that those who run the club aren’t fit to run it, that the players aren’t fit to pull on the shirt etc.

Mark these words – the summer will be a mess of keyboard warriors and their mindless cronies, swarming over a hand movement Arteta made to Edu during a training session. Or of something scrawled on the whiteboard in the changing room.

Brace yourselves, All or Nothing will be compulsive viewing – but it heralds the blight of the morons this summer.

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