A place to always call home.

A sense of pride in your achievements.

All this comes with giving your club everything you have.

If you’ve come through the youth ranks with your side too?

Double it.

The ties that bind you to a club as a supporter are supposedly unbreakable – so if you not only support the club but go on to represent it too? That is something that dreams are made of.

But make no mistake – should we fail to achieve some form of success – whether that be silverware or the contention for the title in the next five years…

…we could foreseeably see both Emile Smith-Rowe and Bukayo Saka leave for another club.

These two are the jewels in our crown. In two, maybe three years, both Saka and Smith-Rowe – if they continue their current trajectory – will be the lynchpins for both club and country.

You could argue they already are, in a creative sense, for Arsenal.

And it is why we should ensure they are tied down to a bumper contract. While they are happy. While they don’t see a future anywhere but at The Emirates.

Fast forward a few years. Arsenal have maintained our frustrating nature, skirting near hope before emphatically dashing it. Top 6 has been the limit for our side. Champions League? We have come close but no cigar.

The world’s top players want the top competition. And the European Cup is where players of the ilk of Saka and Smith-Rowe should be playing.

And this level needs to be the baseline of where we should be aiming.

Otherwise our best talents WILL leave.

I hate to be a pessimist. But with talents as good as our youngsters, we need to take necessary precautions. Both Saka and ESR are Arsenal boys, Gooners through and through – but if they stay as good as this, how long before the likes of City, PSG and Real Madrid come calling?

And if they offer more money and the chance to play at the highest level – and play with world class talent every day on the training pitch?

That’s pretty hard to turn down.

Of course, if they are true Gooners, then they would rebuff any advances in favour of staying with us. But imagine you’re a young lad who has agents whispering in your ear. Friends. Family. They will want the best for YOU.

And perhaps to really see how good they can be, they think they need to rip the glass ceiling away.

This is all theoretical of course. At this present moment they provide the catalyst for this season’s unlikely Champions League places push. And they couldn’t be happier.

And if a new contract is pushed in front of them, have no doubt that they will sign.

Because they’re loyal. Because they love the club. And because they know right now? This is the best place for them and their growth.

But Arsenal must produce their end of the bargain. That means success.

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