I have quite an extensive Arsenal treasure trove. Everything from Freddie Ljungberg bobbleheads to double-winning commemorative watches. I have a piece of Highbury. I adore my growing collection of club-related books. My cupboard strains with the bulk of pictures, scarves, jerseys, DVD’s, wallets and socks.

Stored under the bed, lurking on cupboard shelves, vacuum-packed and stacked in the garage, every available storage space is occupied by Arsenal memorabilia. It is hidden away akin to concealed treasure, only the chosen few are privy to the location of my many trinkets of unparalleled value. It isn’t in plain view.

My house could be completely covered in Arsenal symbology, screaming at all and sundry where my allegiances lie. I could also cover myself in Gunner-related garb but I prefer the surreptitious approach. If I’m going to wear club gear, then I prefer the understated look.

This is where ‘The Art of Football‘ slides into view effortlessly and grabs your attention. This vendor of football clothing appeals to fans of most clubs and have cornered a niche in the market. Instead of emblazoning club insignia all over t-shirts, hoodies and jumpers, this insightful company have carefully handpicked iconic moments in your chosen clubs history and given it an artsy look with flecks of paint and a haze of visual nostalgia.

Think Arsenal and you will picture the final moments of the title-winning season of 1989, Mickey Thomas grabbing that late winner which sent shockwaves through English football and footballing giants Liverpool on their knees. That is just one of the handpicked instants of time encapsulated by The Art of Football.


What about Thierry Henry knee-sliding in celebration of a North London derby goal? The winner in the 1979 FA Cup?  These are but a smattering of memories that are exhibited in the most unique way.


This company have realised that not all fans want to have a two foot cannon plastered all over a t-shirt. They also have seen that club prices for merchandise are a little on the high side. They have taken this on board and offered up some amazing items that satisfy the Gooner in you and also sate the grievances of your wallet.

I heartily recommend this site, especially with Christmas so near on the horizon. Even if the person you are buying for isn’t a Gooner ( the poor blinkered soul ), you can still find the perfect gift as the majority of clubs and even international teams are catered for.

Go and have a look if my words aren’t enough to sway you. This may appear a blatant plug, but The Art of Football has genuinely great clothing with quite excellent images.

You won’t be disappointed.