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The Return of the Loanees – Part One.

Whilst not matching Chelsea’s exodus of players farmed out on loan, Arsenal can look forward to a healthy amount of additions to bolster our ranks.

With the addition of Granit Xhaka, and the promise of our club continuing to plunder the transfer market this summer, our squad appears to be in rude health.

The question for the players returning to Colney is whether they can establish themselves upon Arsene Wenger’s plans this coming season, when the competition for places has become ever more heated.

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The Plusses & Pitfalls of Youth

Originally posted on You Are My Arsenal

The fallout from the most recent North London Derby resulted in a whole host of new coping mechanisms cropping up amongst Gooners. Some resorted to the tried and tested method of searching for a scapegoat and giving the aforementioned horned beast a vociferous lashing with a keyboard. Others had a trusted ally to forget their woes – alcohol. Some though, found it most cathartic, to self-flagellate and whisper apologetic mantras to whatever deity they believe in…..That may be just me then. Ahem.

Going back to finding an avenue for blame.  In recent games our young Spanish Right-Back Hector Bellerin has been the focus of the vilification from some quarters. Whilst Aaron Ramsey has shouldered the burden for the majority of the season after being unable to scale the heights of the previous season – his injury and intermittent appearances have allowed another to bear the brunt.

It is inarguable that it was on our right side that spurs found most joy. They found that Bellerin, despite Welbeck’s best intentions – could be singled out due to his penchant for wandering a little higher up the pitch than is warranted at times. Due to this, it left Eriksen and his cohorts to wreak merry havoc and launch meaningful attacks that were mostly repelled. The sheer amount of passes into our box however, meant that the law of averages came to the fore and they eventually breached us.

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Sanogo is off to Finishing School…..

Poor Yaya. A mere mention of his name is enough to incite resigned sighs and titters that contain little mirth. A stigma has been attached to our dear Postman. As Gus Caesar is synonymous with the mediocre amongst our Gooner circles and Chamakh is forever entwined with shoddy marksmanship – Sanogo has struggled in vain to ditch the moniker of ‘Sanogoal’ that was first bestowed upon him in the first few games of his quest to break his duck for our club.

Another former Gunner – John Jensen – had a primate that haunted his every move whilst playing for the Cannon. When he finally scored vs QPR, it was such a joyous occasion that t-shirts were made and every fan that was present on that day had a fantastic yarn to pass down to their grandchildren.

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