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The Plusses & Pitfalls of Youth

Originally posted on You Are My Arsenal

The fallout from the most recent North London Derby resulted in a whole host of new coping mechanisms cropping up amongst Gooners. Some resorted to the tried and tested method of searching for a scapegoat and giving the aforementioned horned beast a vociferous lashing with a keyboard. Others had a trusted ally to forget their woes – alcohol. Some though, found it most cathartic, to self-flagellate and whisper apologetic mantras to whatever deity they believe in…..That may be just me then. Ahem.

Going back to finding an avenue for blame.  In recent games our young Spanish Right-Back Hector Bellerin has been the focus of the vilification from some quarters. Whilst Aaron Ramsey has shouldered the burden for the majority of the season after being unable to scale the heights of the previous season – his injury and intermittent appearances have allowed another to bear the brunt.

It is inarguable that it was on our right side that spurs found most joy. They found that Bellerin, despite Welbeck’s best intentions – could be singled out due to his penchant for wandering a little higher up the pitch than is warranted at times. Due to this, it left Eriksen and his cohorts to wreak merry havoc and launch meaningful attacks that were mostly repelled. The sheer amount of passes into our box however, meant that the law of averages came to the fore and they eventually breached us.

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GK’s – You Don’t Have to be Mad to Work Here…..

The stereotypical opinion regarding goalkeepers is that they must have a dubious psychosis. To wish to play in this position then the requirement – above feline-like reflexes and a brilliant reading of the game – is to have at least 12 reptiles in your household, enjoy having your nipples scorched and often partake in self-flagellation for relaxation. To summarise, men who tend the net ( of the footballing variety, I’m not referring to some shady types who shark the world wide web.This is a kids show after all.) have to be crazier than a box of frogs. Continue reading GK’s – You Don’t Have to be Mad to Work Here…..